Digital expert + photography + art direction + CONTENT CREATION

I help brands and companies create stunning and compelling digital content, from photography and art direction to social media management and digital magazines, brochures and visuals.

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I adapt my services to suit the specific characteristics and goals of each project I work on. 






Photography, Art direction and Production

From capturing beautiful images to directing visual storytelling, I offer services for brand development and product styling with an accent on aesthetics.

Based in Zagreb, Croatia, I bring creative excellence to clients worldwide.

Product and Set styling

As a creative aesthetic content specialist, I specialize in translating brand visions into captivating visual stories. From capturing stunning images to directing visual storytelling, my services focus on brand development and product styling, with a keen emphasis on aesthetics.

I extend my skills beyond products to offer versatile styling services, including hospitality, location promotion, and city showcases. As a visual storyteller who dreams in colors, I bring brands to life through my lens.

Testimonials speak to the excellence of my work, with clients expressing delight in the beauty, composition, and narrative depth of my photography. Collaborate with me, and let's weave an enchanting story for your brand. 

Social Media Management

As an adept social media manager, I bring over a decade of personal and professional involvement in navigating the social media landscape. Over the past 13 years, I've successfully managed my own accounts and dedicated more than 4 years to assisting clients in establishing a strong online presence.

What sets me apart is not just my creative touch, but also my bonus technical skills that complement the strategic aspect of social media management. My unique approach involves immersing myself in the essence of each brand, allowing me to adapt style, visuals, tone, and voice to create an authentic connection with the audience. Through this journey, I've become adept at not only managing social media but also curating enchanting visuals, facilitating collaborations, and helping brands tell their unique stories.

Let's elevate your brand's presence together.

Digital catalogues and brochures offer businesses a versatile and dynamic tool for marketing, presenting information, and engaging with customers in a more convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner.

I believe in doing great work and being nice to people

I am here to create something beautiful, driven by aesthetics and functionality. 


"Lili is an amazing photographer. We love how she expresses the beauty through composition and photo stories. It is a pleasure to work with her."

We're always searching for amazing stories which are created by individuals with a real sense of aesthetics. We have found all that in collaboration with Lili and for many years now we successfully work with her. We are just amazed by her photography for our products and her e-catalogues for our brand and campaigns.

— Sara Sofija Lennasi, Head of Marketing, Mali zakladi 

“Lili has a deep understanding of our customer base thanks to her talent, due diligence and research."

We had the pleasure of working with Lili for the last 3 years. In that time period Lili took our 10 year old companies visual brand image to another level on social media, and tripling the amount of followers along the way.

Lili has a deep understanding of our customer base thanks to her talent, due diligence and research. With her impeccable sense of style and beauty that is on-trend, has lead to a great working relationship that we hope will continue for many more years to come.

— Oscar, award-winning designer, founder of Kinderfeets and Envuelto Tequila

“Working with Lili is truly simple and inspiring.”

Lili is a professional and a woman who lives emotion, possesses a sense for experience, and knows how to convey that energy through photography, whether capturing the essence of a city or an emotion. She effortlessly notices everyday moments that make the life of the city unique and authentic, which we aim to convey to our future visitors/tourists.

— Antonia Radić Brkan, Deputy Mayor city of Makarska

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With a digital “paintbrush” I invest all of myself to create aesthetically appealing visuals and interiors. 

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