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Surrounded by dreams and creativity, I'm a daydreamer turned interior designer. I find joy in crafting beautiful spaces and sharing the love. Welcome to my blog, a place for all things beautiful. 




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Aggeliki je dizajnerica is Grčke i autor je bloga Design My White Life.

Zavirite u njezin predivan stan, inspirirajte se! U nastavku bloga pročitajte i zanimljivi intervju. Često sam na blogu dijelila razgovore s dizajnerima i stilistima. Odlično je pročitati takve intervjue s profesionalcima iz područja dizajna, kako bismo dobili ideje i inspiraciju.

Q: What are some of your biggest inspirations?
A: Μy biggest source of inspiration is Scandinavian design. At the same time, I am excited by the country elements presented in a minimal way. I really love the philosophy of slow living and I don’t miss opportunities to get inspired by hygge books.

Q: Do you visit trade shows and cities for inspiration?
A: I have visited Copenhagen, and that’s when I became a big fan of Scandinavian design, I really loved this type of design but also its structure in general, it has a lot of things to inspire you. However, for several years now I have been visiting Milan’s annual design exhibition, Salone del Mobile, which is a huge source of inspiration for every style of decoration.

Q: What’s your experience with space planning and interior design as your home is just beautiful?
A: Thank you very much for the kind words! For the last 8 years I have been dealing with interior design and photography, I really like creating spaces and images, so first of all I try to apply what I learn in my home.

Q: Where do you find inspiration? (Please list the blogs, websites, magazines, and books you follow and read.)
A: I am inspiring from books, magazines, blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. Some of my best books are the “Kinfolk” series, “Cereal” guides, the “Eat Drink Nap” and some books about Hygge and Ikigai theory. Magazines also are my best the “Kinfolk” and “Cereal” series and the “Ark Journal”. From Blogs I can definitely distinguish yours “Lili Halo decoration”, Kasia’s Rutkowiak blog “My Full House” and Sarah’s Van Peteghem blog “Coco Lapine”.

Q: How do you choose colors and materials for interior design?
A: The colors and materials I choose for interior design are based on whiteness and the elements of nature, I love white, beige and brown, as well as all textures with these shades.

Q: Can you mention a favorite project of yours?
A: I have been dealing with both residential and commercial spaces for years, however my favorite are the houses, where you can put more warmth and get closer to the hygge philosophy.

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I am a visual ninja, blogger, and interior designer deeply connected to emotions, guided by intuition, and finding inspiration in nature's tranquility as I weave stunning visuals in my studio.

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